Fine food with personal service

Parties, birthday, anniversaries, christenings…are all a special time in a person’s progression through life but they can often have one thing in common. The host is in the kitchen.

Have you ever hosted a party and realized at the end of the night that you’ve spent more time cooking than
conversing with your guests?

You’ve come to the right place for entertaining your guests effortlessly in The Hague and surrounding areas in the 
Netherlands. Bintou can help you; she and her team are your hands in the kitchen. While they work behind the scenes to create an elegant menu of fine food, you can be in the foreground hosting your party and entertaining your guests. The personal service of Bintou’s Banquets is second to none, they strive to provide an intuitive and stress free service.
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Please give the date of your party, how many guests and proposed start time and location of the party.


If you would rather discuss your order than order through the website, please leave your telephone number. Please give numbers and types of patisserie required, when and where required to be delivered. Extra costs may be incurred for delivery outside of The Hague.

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