French patisserie in The Hague

Bintou’s Banquets Patisserie will make your upcoming birthday or office party an event to be remembered. Her unique and delicious combinations of sweet and nutricious delicacies will do justice to any event of any size.
Drawing on her years of experience, she creates wonderful patisserie to delight you. Her range currently includes Friands, Cupcakes and Tarts.

Financiers or Friands

Financiers of Friands are the French version of cupcakes. They are superb as an office birthday treat or an
elegant thank you parcel to a special friend.


Everyone loves a cupcake, try our cupcakes with frosting of your choice. Choose from chocolate coated gooeyness with a raspberry, otherwise known as Red Velvet or sample a coconut and banana cupcake with rum cream.


For that extra special occasion, enjoy our selection of Tarts in a variety of flavours. An elegant Raspberry and Rose tart can add a zing to any occasion.

If you require any ingredient changes due to allergies or dietary concerns, such as gluten free;  please request when ordering.

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